Share YOUR Photos with Us


While you were observing, someone may have captured your moment.

We encourage all Veterans and Guardians to share their photos, history, and memories here.


Uploading Pictures and Videos to our website

Honor Flight Central Florida now has an account with “SmugMug,” which we use for pictures and videos. SmugMug handles uploading a bit differently, so it’s now a two-step process.

First step:

  • Use the Upload Photos button below, it should open up your default email client and have “Honor Flight Gallery Upload Request” as the subject line.
  • Type a quick email, and please include a few words about the photos so we may better create a gallery for the photos for all to view, in particular:
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The Flight date
  • The location or nature of the pictures/video, e.g., Orientation, WWII Memorial, Departure, etc.

We will use this information so we can generate a gallery that allows you to upload your photos and videos to our site.

The Second step:

  • After we create the gallery, we will reply to your Upload request via email.
  • In your reply email, you will have a hyperlink that is specific to your gallery.
  • Click that link it will open your browser.
  • Click the upload button and start uploading your photos and videos.

To request and upload Gallery requests for pictures or videos for any mission or flight.

Click the upload button below to start the process

Upload Photos