2022 Year End Note

As we move quickly toward the close of 2022, we wanted to take a quick moment to reflect on the sweetest things in life. The best parts that, like a good cool popsicle on a hot day, just make you smile and enjoy the moment. Here are a few of our sweetest moments among the many wonderful Honor Flight events of the year:

  • The board of directors pulling together a charter flight in record time so that we could have a spring flight and get back flying!!
  • The biggest turnout ever at Hot Rods for Heroes
  • Our volunteers who come out in force at every event to support and cheer and set up and tear down and everything in between
  • Our guardians who give generously of their time and genuinely of their hearts to make these trips memorable for our veterans
  • And of course, our Veterans who waited patiently through two years of not flying. The moments spent with you reflecting, honoring, and celebrating your service is the best icing on the cake.

We hope you also have many sweet moments to reflect on from 2022, and we look forward to seeing you in 2023 to make many many more!

Happy Holidays!
Landy & Kaye Dunham
Honor Flight Central Florida