Our June 9th Honor Flight Mission is squared away and ready to fly! Join us to welcome our home town heroes when their Honor Flight returns to Orlando!

welcome homeMay 18, 2018 – Honor Flight Central Florida’s second flight mission of the 2018 season has a full manifest of passengers and is preparing for flight day. In less than two short weeks we will be boarding our flight at Orlando International Airport to head to our nation’s capital so our twenty-four Honored Veterans of WWll and the Korea War can view and reflect at the memorials built for them and their fallen comrades in arms.

We are pleased to be hosting hometown heroes from right here in Central Florida for a day we plan to be filled with honor and gratitude to those who deserve it most. Were it not for the brave and valiant men and women who fought to preserve freedom here and around the world, we would be living in a different place than the one we enjoy today.

We hope that at the end of their day, you can join with your friends, family and neighbors to greet our heroes with the fanfare to which they should be entitled. Bring signs and flags, and join the community to express your gratitude and show our thanks for their service and sacrifices.

We are returning to Orlando International Airport on Southwest Airlines flight #3500 due to arrive at 9:25PM, and are asking those who will, to meet up by the Starbucks in Terminal A at 9:45PM to greet our Honorees after their day of touring the Veteran’s Memorials and Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

We hope to see you there! Remember, “we can’t all be heroes, because someone has to stand on the curb and clap when they go by”.