Honor Flight Central Florida Missions are scheduled for April 28th and June 9th, 2018

Honor Flight Central Florida is pleased to announce we have scheduled our first two flights for the Spring of 2018. We plan to take 25 Veterans along with 25 Honor Flight Guardian donors on each mission to our Nation’s capital so that our hometown heroes can view and reflect at the Memorials built to honor them. We are proud to provide Honor Flights at absolutely no charge to our Honored Veterans with thanks to the generosity of those who support this great mission.

We give priority to the Veterans that apply in the following order: Seriously ill Veterans of any era will be served first, then our WWII and Korea era Veterans next, and finally, the Veterans who served this nation during the Vietnam era, all on a first-come, first-served basis using the guidelines stated. While we have  waiting list, we are accepting applications for both Veteran Honorees and Guardian level donors.

As a Guardian, you will have the privilege of accompanying one of our hometown heroes on their own Honor Flight and be there to support them on an emotional day where they will experience recognition and thanks for their sacrifice and service to our Nation. Those who hold our Veterans in esteem and join us as Guardians, will have a profoundly rewarding personal experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Kindly consider joining us as a Guardian on a future flight and dedicate yourself to those who answered the calling to wear the uniform of our armed forces and protect us and America.

If you know a Senior Veteran that would like to join us on a flight, we will do our very best to see that they are treated like the heroes we believe they are. We typically visit the WWII, Korea and Vietnam War Memorials, several of the military branch Memorials and Arlington National Cemetery on our flight missions. We fly up and back on the same day, and always schedule our flight missions for Saturdays in the Spring and Fall seasons.

Applications for both Guardians and Veterans to travel with us can be found here on our website. We ask that our Guardians donate to Honor Flight Central Florida to cover their own cost of flight mission expenses and will provide an acknowledgement of your donation for tax purposes. If you know a Senior Veteran that has never seen their Memorial, we would be grateful if you shared your knowledge of what we do.

We are so very proud to serve all of those who served us by providing these flights. We believe as Will Rogers did – “We can’t all be heroes, because someone has to stand on the curb and clap as they go by”. Join us in our mission to recognize and applaud the heroic and valiant among us. Tell a Senior Veteran about us, or seize the opportunity to play a key role in our mission by pushing their wheelchair and showing your own appreciation for what they have done for all of us.

Honor Flight Central Florida is a 501C-3 all volunteer organization. The money we raise goes directly to our mission and we never ask our Honorees for a single thing, other then to enjoy the adulation and honor we aim to provide. You can also learn more by calling us at 407.203.7010.