Honor Flight Central Florida holds our next Honor Flight tomorrow!

Saturday, October 7th is our first flight of the fall season. We are excited to be making the final arrangements to transport 24 of our hometown heroes up to Washington D.C. to view and reflect at the memorials built to honor them and all those lost in WWll, the Korean War and the Vietnam conflict. Eight Veterans who served during each of those wars will be honored for their service and sacrifices to our Nation, They served us in the Army, the Navy and the Air Force during pivotal times in our history. Our youngest Honoree is 70, and our most Senior Veteran on this Honor Flight is 97.

We need the public to join us in providing them a welcome home to show our appreciation and gratitude for all they have done to fight for freedom on behalf of all of us. We hope that you’ll be there to provide the welcome home these Heroes never got when returning home after their service to our Country. Our flight mission has us leaving Orlando International Airport early Saturday and arriving back Saturday evening at 9:55PM on Southwest Airlines flight 3639.

We are requesting the public be assembled in terminal A in the Atrium to welcome our Heroes at 10:15PM. Please bring your family and friends along with flags and signs to recognize our humble heroes, who put all of us, and the American way of life first when we needed them. This is a true family event and they each deserve to see our heartfelt thanks. We hope to see you there.

Remember, we can’t all be heroes, because someone has to stand and clap when they go by. Let’s do just that!