The final Honor Flight Central Florida Flight Mission of 2017 is less than 60 days away on Saturday, September 16, 2017!

Your local Honor Flight “hub”, Honor Flight Central Florida, will be conducting our last flight mission of 2017 on Saturday, September 16. The public plays a large role in the effort to Honor our local heroes and we hope you can be a part of the overdue tribute to their service and sacrifices. As a Guardian donor, you can accompany one of our Honorees on their Honor Flight to Washington DC and join with them when they visit and reflect at the Memorials erected for them by our grateful nation. Honor Flight Guardians are special folks that play a critical part in the honor we provide to our hometown heroes by contributing their time to accompany one of our Honorees on their Honor Flight and covering their own cost to do so by a donation to Honor Flight Central Florida, your local hub in the national Honor Flight Network. Many of our Honored Veterans have never seen their memorial, and for many, this may be the one of the final trips of their lifetime. Guardians accompany their assigned Veterans shoulder to shoulder throughout the flight mission as their flight buddies and “pilots” of their wheelchairs, assuring they comfortably witness the sights and memorials built for them, and join in experiencing the cathartic release and closure to their service that often transpires during an Honor Flight. Being a Guardian to an Honor Flight Honoree is an experience you will never forget, and provides an opportunity to give back to those who gave so much for us. A link to Guardian applications can be found here on our main menu. We also welcome and encourage all members of the public to be a part of the “welcome home” event at Orlando airport on our return to the “City Beautiful” at the close of our Honoree’s special day. Most of our Honorees never experienced a real welcome home after their service, so we endeavor to provide the one we believe they rightly deserved, so they can witness the admiration of those who are thankful to them for their sacrifices firsthand. Welcome home events are a great time for families to share in, and we hope that you can play a role in personally thanking our Honorees for their sacrifices. That’s what Honor Flight is all about, and we cannot carry out our mission without your support. For more information on donating or being an Honor Flight Guardian call us at 407 203-7010 or write us at honor.flight.central.florida@gmail.com.

Remember, our Veterans honored us with their service, it’s our time to honor them….