May 21, 2017 – On the evening of Saturday, June 3rd, the public will have the privileged opportunity to welcome twenty-four local heroes who served our great Nation in WWll and Korea when they will be returning home from their Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to view and reflect at their Memorials. Our group of Honorees includes twelve members of our “greatest generation” who sacrificed to defend our freedoms at the most pivotal time in US History. We are also proud to pay tribute to twelve Honorees that defended the world from the spread of communism  during the Korean conflict.

All of our neighbors in Central Florida owe it to these humble heroes to recognize their actions and sacrifices, made for all of us to secure the liberty we enjoy today. “Freedom is not Free” and we all should acknowledge and pay tribute to those who paid and witnessed the cost.

Our youngest Veteran Honoree is 83 and our most Senior will be turning 100 years old this coming August. They proudly served our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Army Air Force throughout the world. Two of our Honorees are women, one that served as an original “WAVE”, one who suffered the brutality of the Japanese enemy as a POW in 9 different East Indies prison camps during WWll.

Seldom is such a group assembled in the same place at the same time, so we hope you will join us in an incredible opportunity to provide them the hero’s welcome and your personal thanks that they so the rightly deserve. For many, this Honor Flight is taking place during the closing chapter of their lives, for some, the during final paragraph.

The patriotic public will play a very important part in the honoring of these genuine heroes by assembling in Orlando International Airport (MCO) at 8:45PM on June 3 to greet their returning Honor Flight in Terminal A. Our welcoming group should assemble by the Starbucks in Terminal A on the departure level just behind the Southwest Airlines ticketing desk. We are scheduled to arrive at OIA at 8:40PM on Southwest Airlines flight number 5205. We recommend you check with SW after 6:30PM to confirm our on time arrival. Bring your family, bring your friends, bring a flag, and bring your home-made signs to show our Honorees their sacrifices are not forgotten. Check this site and our FB page as we get closer to June 3, for any updates we might have, and please share this post so we have a huge crowd on hand at this very, very, special event.

“Our Veterans have honored us with their service, it’s our time to honor them”