October 22, 2016 – Orlando, FL

We are proud to provide some details about our pending Honor Flight Central Florida Mission #17 to our Nation’s Capital. We are very pleased to be providing an Honor Flight for 47 Florida Senior Veterans who deserve our thanks for serving our Country during WWll, Korea and Vietnam. Veterans of the Army, Army Air Corps, Army Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force will be traveling with us on their Honor Flight to view and reflect at the memorials built to Honor them.

Our oldest Honoree served the Nation in WWll and is 97 years old and is one of twenty Honorees who are members of our “Greatest Generation”.  We are also pleased to be Honoring two women who both proudly served in the U.S. Navy – a 92 year old Florida resident who did so in WWll, and another who served throughout the Korea, Vietnam and the Cold War eras.

We will be returning from the Capital at a scheduled time of 9:30PM via Southwest Airlines Flight#3575 from BWI Airport. We hope that the public can play an important role in our Honoree’s day by assembling in Orlando Airport Terminal A at 10PM (by Starbucks) to greet our flight and show their personal appreciation for those who defended this Nation at pivotal moments in our history. Rarely will you have the opportunity to find this many local senior heroes in one place at one time, so we encourage all to show their personal appreciation and bring family and friends along with signs and flags, to give them the welcome home they deserve and never got following their service. Please check with Southwest Airlines for our on time arrival before heading to the airport and remember:

“We can’t all be heroes, because some of us have to stand on the curb and clap when they go by”