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Honor Flight Central Florida serves Veterans in our community by flying them to Washington, D.C. to see the Memorials a grateful Nation has built in their honor at no charge to the veteran. Guardians accompany veterans on this one day trip at their own expense to serve one of our nation's most senior citizens honoring them for their service to our nation at one of its most challenging times. We serve mainly Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Lake, Polk and Volusia Counties Form more information on Honor Flight Central Florida go to: http://honorflightcentralflorida.org



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Saturday, May 4th, Honor Flight Central Florida begins our 2019 flight season with our first Flight Mission departing from and returning to Orlando International Airport (MCO). We are proud to be honoring 5 Veterans of WWll, 9 Veterans of the Korean War, and 11 Veterans of Vietnam. Many of our Veterans served in multiple conflicts and all honored us with their service in either the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.

Members of the public that want to see them off before we head to our gate should plan to be in Terminal A on the 3rd floor between 4 AM and 4:30 AM, near the Southwest Airlines ticket desk.

Those who wish to play a part in our Honor Flight welcome home event should plan to be in Terminal A near Starbucks at 8:45 PM. Our arriving flight number is 3172 (from BWI) and is due to land at 8:20 PM. We encourage you to check for our on time arrival before you head to the airport.

Our welcome home events are special ones for our Honorees, because following their service to our nation, they did not get the welcome home each rightly deserved. After their day in our capital viewing and reflecting at the memorials built for them, you can help provide that special welcome by filling the terminal, and bringing flags and signs to show them your personal appreciation for the sacrifices they made for each and every one of us. Welcome home events are family friendly, and there is no better reason to keep the young ones up late on a Saturday evening then to participate in honoring these humble heroes. We encourage you to save the date, and share this with family and friends so they have a great turnout of the folks who want to show their appreciation. Bring your Scout Troop, your academic or sports team, your school class, or your JROTC members, and show our Honorees that their service and sacrifices will not be forgotten.

Member hubs of the “Honor Flight Network” in Central Florida

It has come to our attention that a group operating in Polk County FL may be using the name of “Honor Flight” in video and print media to promote their own organization and to infer an affiliation with the national Honor Flight Network.

The four “hubs” that operate in Central Florida that are sanctioned by the Honor Flight Network and who abide by all the policies and procedures set forth to sanctioned hubs, are Honor Flight Central Florida, Space Coast Honor Flight, The Villages Honor Flight, all of which fly in to and out of Orlando International Airport (MCO), and, Honor Flight of West Central Florida, which flies into and out of Tampa- St. Petersburg International Airport. We are proud to be a part of the national network and abide by the mission, & policies and procedures set forth by the national Honor Flight Network. Honor Flight never charges our honored Veterans to travel with us on an Honor Flight. “Honor Flight” is a registered trademark of the national network.

Anyone with questions or comments, may feel free to contact us through our website or by email at: honor.flight.central.florida@gmail.com.

We thank you for your continued support of your local Honor Flight Hub, and the national Honor Flight Network. Read more about the national network on their website:



Our 2nd Annual “Hot Rods for Heroes” Car Show and Fundraiser is in gear and throttled up for Saturday, March 30 at Ace Cafe Orlando!


If you own a sweet ride and want to be part of the premier Car Show in Central Florida, shine up that beauty and get registered to show it at Honor Flight Central Florida’s 2nd Annual “Hot Rods for Heroes” held at the #1 show venue – Ace Cafe, Orlando. You’ll be able to meet and greet your hometown heroes of WWll, Korea and Vietnam, be treated to  some jammin’ tunes from WJBJ jocks Jen & Butch, get to meet and talk with the heroic subject and author of “Black Hawk Down”, Florida’s own US Army (RET) Colonel Danny McKnight, and former WWE Superstar and American Gladiator turned Longwood Deputy Mayor, The Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

We will have some historic military vehicles on display, the Vietnam Tribute Truck available to be signed by our attending Veterans, a pinning of Vietnam Veterans in attendance to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that conflict. Add to that a scheduled fly-by of historic aircraft, display of the largest American Flag we have ever seen, live appearances and performances by some very talented folks including Florida’s own “Bomber Girls” and others, raffles and auction items all will love, and food served up by Ace Cafe, this is far beyond being just another car show. We will have one of a kind trophies for our judges winning selections, and a Veteran’s Choice Award to present too!

If all that isn’t enough to inspire you to register early and be a part of this great family event, the funds we raise will make it possible for Honor Flight Central Florida to keep the planes flying and transport your local hometown heroes of WWll, Korea and Vietnam, at zero cost to them, to Washington DC, for one last tour of honor, where they can view and reflect at the memorials built as tribute to them and all those we lost during those conflicts. As an all volunteer organization, your support goes directly to our mission, and we can’t accomplish it without your support.

You can find registration materials and sign up forms to sponsor or donate to our event right here:

REGISTRATION FLYER – 2019 2nd Annual Honor Flight Central Florida – Hot Rods for Heroes 2-25-19

SIGN UP – 2019 2nd Annual Honor Flight Central Florida – Hot Rods for Heroes_UPDATED

Use the donate button just below our main menu to donate or pay your registration fee.



HOT RODS FOR HEROES 2019 CAR SHOW Info and Registration

Here is a link to our Hot Rods for Heroes Car Show registration flyer. Please print this out to use for registering your ride at this great family event and fundraiser:

REGISTRATION FLYER – 2019 2nd Annual Honor Flight Central Florida – Hot Rods for Heroes 2-25-19

And here is a link to our sign up sheet with more information for those who can help us with donations, or have items we can use for fundraising. We need your help to keep the planes flying:

SIGN UP – 2019 2nd Annual Honor Flight Central Florida – Hot Rods for Heroes_UPDATED



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January 9, 2019 – Central Florida

Honor Flight Central Florida has made definitive arrangements for their first two flight missions of 2019.

We are pleased to have booked group travel for May 4th and June 15th, 2019, and are excited to continue to make these flights possible for Veterans that apply at absolutely no cost to them.

Those Veterans applying should be aware of the priorities we follow: Seriously ill Veterans are given the top priority, followed by those Veterans of WWll, Korea and Vietnam eras in that order. We endeavor to take all that qualify for our flight missions, but do have a waiting list, so we encourage all Veterans of the aforementioned eras to apply promptly. Allow for us to take you on that one last mission – one of honor and closure.

Members of the public that want to participate in our flight missions have an unparalleled opportunity to support our honorees as Honor Flight “Guardians” to our treasured Veterans, and accompany them on our trips to the capital. Guardians are the front line battle buddies to our heroes, and there to support them throughout the Honor Flight experience by assisting them in the visits we make to Arlington National Cemetery, and the WWll, Korea and Vietnam Memorials built in their honor. Guardians have an immense responsibility that will provide equally immense personal satisfaction for playing a role we consider to be a true privilege. Being a Guardian to one of our honored Veterans provides a completely unique way to personally give back to those who have given us all so very much. Guardians are the angels that help to make these flights possible and witness firsthand the immediate and lasting impact our program has on our heroes. We are blessed to be able to raise funds to make these trips completely free for our heroes, and so, ask that our Guardians cover their own travel cost by way of a donation to Honor Flight Central Florida.

Applications to fly with us as a Veteran or Guardian are available here on our website. When we have received them, and have a spot available for you, we will make personal contact. No donations from Guardians are requested until we can confirm your travel.

“We can’t all be heroes. Someone has to stand on the curb and clap as they go by”



Register now for our 2nd Annual “Hot Rods for Heroes” Car Show and Fundraiser Saturday, March 30, 2019

We are so very excited to make a return to the ACE Cafe Orlando, for our second annual Hot Rods for Heroes Car Show Fundraiser, and we want to see your car there. Last year’s event was a sell out and we are ready to hold a place for your own special ride this year and recommend you register early to ensure you can be a part of this awesome family event at the top Car Show destination in all of central Florida. Read more about our event, and more importantly, access the registration form by clicking the link below.

Bring out your ride, have an awesome day at ACE Cafe, and help us keep the planes flying.

REGISTRATION FLYER – 2019 2nd Annual Honor Flight Central Florida – Hot Rods for Heroes

Please Help support our 2nd Annual Hot Rods for Heroes Car Show Fundraiser

Our 2nd Annual Hot Rods for Heroes Car Show is scheduled for March 30, 2019 at the awesome ACE Cafe Orlando. We need your help to make it successful and have more information about how you can help and a sign-up form attached here that you can use to communicate that to us. Click on the link below to learn more, and thank you for supporting our mission with your help for this great event!

SIGN UP – 2019 2nd Annual Honor Flight Central Florida – Hot Rods for Heroes



Sept 9, 2018 – Honor Flight Central Florida is pleased to report that our next and last scheduled flight for 2018 is quickly approaching . With a flight mission orientation scheduled for Saturday Sept 22nd, we will be hosting 50 of our home town heroes and 50 of their dedicated Guardians scheduled to travel to our Nation’s capital the following Saturday, September 29th. We are excited to be touring the Veteran Memorials on a mission of honor so that our heroes can view and reflect at those memorials built for them. It’s our deepest hope that we can provide a day that will show these brave and valiant men and women that their service is appreciated and that their sacrifices and those of others many since departed, will never ever be forgotten. Our group includes 12 Veterans of WWll, 19 Veterans of the Korea War and 19 Veterans of the Vietnam War era. Two of our Honored Vets are women that served our Country as Vietnam era Vets in the Army. Our most senior Honoree is a 98 year old WWII Veteran of the Army & Air Force who served as a famed Tuskegee Airman. Our group served in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corp. Many served in multiple war eras.

Our arrival back to Orlando the evening of Sept 29th will be on Southwest Airlines Flight # 6293 due in MCO (not Sanford) at 9:15PM. We hope you will save the date and mark your calendar so you can play an important part in the honor due these heroes, by joining our ground welcome team to provide a welcome home that these heroes deserve. Welcome home events are for the family. Bring flags, bring signs, and be prepared for a once in a lifetime chance to show each and every Veteran what their service and sacrifices means to you and America.

If you can read this, thank a teacher, but if you can read this in english, thank a Veteran!

Remember, “We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they walk by”