Honor Flight Central Florida accepts applications from America’s Senior Veterans.

This program is for ALL veterans; however, there is a priority in the order in which applicants are taken to Washington. All terminally ill veterans from any era will be served as soon as possible and receive the highest priority followed by WW II veterans, Korean War veterans, and Vietnam veterans.

A comment we often hear is, “I didn’t serve overseas.” or “I was not in combat.” That is not a requirement. We recognize that serving your country in the armed services, including the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine warrants our appreciation and recognition. Many veterans of “The Cold War” spent countless hours in harm’s way away from their families. They have all done their part and our mission is to thank them by doing ours. We have begun taking Vietnam War veterans on regular flights and will call these veterans in sequence by the dates of applications received.

It is our goal to take Senior Veterans on this trip of celebration as long as donations from the public continue and volunteers are available.

The Honor Flight Guardian Coordinator will assign each veteran a trained volunteer guardian who may or may not be of the veteran's choosing. Guardians are selected depending on the needs of the veterans on a flight. 

In addition, a spouse who is not a veteran may not accompany the veteran. Seats for those who served are limited.

To apply to go to your memorials and other related Washington, D.C. sites with us, please 
click here Veteran Application Form (PDF)

Print the form/complete it, SIGN IT and mail it to the address on the application.

click here Veteran Application Form (Online)


Guardians serve a very important role for Honor Flight Central Florida.

Our mission is squarely focused on the Veterans, their safety, comfort, and well-being. To ensure every mission is as a success, we are selective. 

First and foremost, serving as a Guardian is work. It is a LONG day, it likely will involve pushing wheelchairs, being responsible for additional tasks, managing all manner of physical and emotional challenges throughout the day. This is not a "tour" for the Guardians, it is hard work - exceptionally awesome hard work - and perhaps one of the most rewarding "work" days you will ever experience.

We have some basic rules and expectations.

  • Generally 18-65 years old
  • Mandatory Orientation is required the Saturday prior to the scheduled flight to meet your Veteran and receive specific instructions about the day’s schedule and expectations.
  • Positive attitude, willingness to be a team member, respect and awareness of our mission.
  • Good ability, fitness, and health - sufficient to stay on top of your game all day - from 4:00 am to midnight. To lift 100 pounds, push a heavily loaded wheelchair for extended periods. To walk approximately 4 miles, in any weather condition.
  • Ability to "pay their way" - the Guardian Fee is $500 and partially covers the cost associated with the trip for the Guardian.
  • Commitment to the HONOR, SHARE, and CELEBRATE the vision of this organization.
  • Family members and friends may qualify to serve as a Guardian for their Veteran, however spouses, "partners" and "significant others" may not accompany an Honoree.

What else are we looking for?

  • Veterans willing to serve as a Guardian.
  • Young Professionals.
  • Interest in having a recurring role (2 to 4 times a year).
  • History of Volunteering with Honor Flight Central Florida.

Guardians need to complete an application, which can be accessed 
click here Guardian Application Form (PDF)

Print the form/complete it, SIGN IT and mail it to the address on the application.

click here Guardian Application Form (Online)


Volunteer Your Time and Talent

We are an all-volunteer organization. No one takes a paycheck from Honor Flight Central Florida. We welcome anyone with a heart for honoring veterans. Please contact us if you are interested in contributing your time and talents to Honor Flight.

Volunteers are needed for everything from administrative tasks, fundraising, ground crew and guardians who accompany veterans on the trip to ensure a safe and memorable trip. More than 1600 hours were donated last year alone to support our mission.

Volunteering with Honor Flight Central Florida is easy.
click here Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Print the form/complete it, SIGN IT and mail it to the address on the application.

E-mail applications are accepted but a hand-signed copy is required prior to participation.  

click here Volunteer Application Form (Online)