Our June 3, 2017 Honor Flight is only three weeks away – 3 days before the 73rd anniversary of D-Day

We are excited about our upcoming Honor Flight mission to our nation’s capital in three short weeks, on Saturday June 3rd. Time is running our for us to honor the members of our greatest generation as we are losing them at the rate of 366 each and every day.

Our June 3 Honor Flight will be honoring 24 Central Florida Veterans that served our Nation in WWll, the Korean War and Vietnam conflicts. We’ll be doing our best to see that each is personally honored for their sacrifices on our behalf. Over the next week we will be finalizing plans that include hosting all our Honorees and their Guardians at their Flight Mission Orientation May 20th.

Did you know that family members, friends and even total strangers of our Honorees can play a critical role on Honor Flight Missions by accompanying one of our Hero’s as their personal Honor Flight Guardian? Honor Flight Guardians are Donors who cover their own cost to travel on a Flight Mission and donate their time to meet and accompany our Honorees on their Honor Flight. Nothing could be more rewarding than to be with our Honored Vets and share the stories of their service and the closure and release that many of our Heroes experience. As a Guardian, you will have the first hand opportunity to assure your assigned Veteran has a day full of Honor and Tribute recognizing their service and sacrifice to our Country.

Watch for coming post with more details about participating in the huge welcome home event we are planning for our Heroes Saturday evening June 3 at Orlando International Airport. Everyone has an opportunity to participate in our welcome home events and we endeavor to make each a special close to our Veterans day of Honor. We hope you can be with us to give these very special Heroes the welcome and recognition they never got after their service and sacrifices for all of us. For our 12 Honored WWll Veterans in particular, that welcome home and tribute is 72 years overdue. Please mark your calendar and plan to show them all your personal appreciation by being with us Saturday evening June 3.

We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.

2 thoughts on “Our June 3, 2017 Honor Flight is only three weeks away – 3 days before the 73rd anniversary of D-Day

  1. Our Vets deserve the welcome home they never got and this is a wonderful family event. Share with your friends and family and bring your flags and signs to greet and thank those who served and sacrificed for all of us!

  2. I went out to welcome our vets 3 last week. It was so moving.,What a great organization
    Plan to go again on June.

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