We have scheduled the first Honor Flight Central Florida Flight Mission for the spring of 2017 on Saturday, May 6th. Our hub’s plans have us taking 24 Honored Veterans from the Central Florida community to the Nation’s Capital to view and reflect at the memorials built in their honor. If you are a WWll or Korea War Veteran OR if you know a WWll or Korea War Veteran who would like to be considered as an Honoree for this flight, we need your application to begin the process of completing our Honoree list. If you are interested in a once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany one of our esteemed Honorees and members of our Greatest Generation who served and sacrificed for us, we will need your Guardian application and a donation to cover your cost soon if you are to be considered. We give priority to terminally ill Veterans of any era, WWll Veterans, then Korea War Veterans in that order.

We can be reached by phone at (407) 203-7010 or by email at: honor.flight.central.florida@gmail.com for more information.

“We can’t all be heroes, some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by”

Will Rogers